I Bless Myself, I Bless the World, I Bless You

It is the Song of Angels that bring us home, into the Greatness that gets along. Do we need love, to rise above? Yes, bring us love that brings us all along, the laws that gets us from the rising tides, our hearts that swell and know our pride. Be that, is heard like Angels Call, we are the Rainbow Hall, where humbleness gifts life along, the path of Brotherhood. We bless the shoulders of grief befall, and send a blessings to that Great Hall, where we know tears, bring us new life, the light, that sheds all our strife. Be your color of bountifulness, the waking of the soul, that should, and we can offer wisdom here, to be the soul, that lives forever deer (journey of life). You the beloved knows good deeds,when we belong to all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love is in the Air...Peace and Holiness Everywhere!

Love is in the Air
We are travelers in a big cosmos, and we journey along rolling hills.  The day is dawning within and the air is pure again. And we have all we need, when we pray to be the free.  Come and hold my hand!  come and understand.  Come and be the day, when all of us do pray.  Watch the wind today to be the sacred way.  My heart does blow in the wind, to become the sun again.  And we don't look within, unless we become the spring.  The time when evolution learns how to enter the obscure and when we don't enter face, then we enter all disgrace. Let us be the sun instead, with happy smiles to sing. And we could know joy again, instead of pain and noise. 

The world is open to disease, just because they don't want to sneeze, to blow the waste away, instead of love this day. For we can be the entrace to greater dances that bring hope to everyone, and hope to all the suns. When we find the will to survive with sacredness to dive into open doors and portals to the sun, within our hearts do know, the way of G_ah_d's glow, the heart that always knows. And we can sea the way into treasures we hold in our heads, the place we call the sea, the place we hold the breeze.  And when we fly into town, where all our relatives live, then we could embrace the sun, and learn to walk the fire's tongue. And then we would know G_ah_d's love, for we would receive all like a dove, where peace is here within our hearts, to vision those who smart (sting us).  For hate is everywhere and I don't know where to start, but if I pray to dance again, to know the sun within, then we could be in love, with all that's part of G_ah_d and we could fly into the wind, to know that we could win.

sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, and heart beat by Holiness David, Elders 

Rosh Hashanah
שנה טובה A Good Year
שנה טובה ומאושרת Year of Happiness
שנה של  בריאות Year of Health
שנה של שלום  Year of Peace
שנה של  ברכה Blessed Year
שנת פריחה ושגשוג Year of Abundance
שנה של אהבה Year of Love
שנה של חופש Year of Freedom

Warriors of the Earth  

King David brings Rosh Hashanah, Book of Life brings Yom Kippur

King David I long to see, the heart of Israel come to be, the way of peace upon the land, when Brothers Sisters all hold hands.  My beloved child, what do you do, when others come to look at you? It's time to walk into the land, where Brothers Sisters and Lovers stand.  We are One family it is said today, Rosh Hashanah, it's the new day.  And when we open our hearts to sing, we remember all the rivers of tears do bring, the ONENESS of G_ah_d, comes to say, "Welcome to my heart, I long to be, with my children down below, because my heart yearns to be with you!"  From heaven King David we do come, to be good children to save our Rungs (steps into evolution descending, the souls journey eternal).  And when you deliver us into paradise, I will please my daughters and suns to rise.  I have to be this way right now, because so many hate my way.  I pray to you, and don't want any other way, but my heart longs to sea the beloved day, when gates are open and sin is put away, sow we can plant the fields of hay.  The golden era we do dream when peace and holiness abounds the way.

Oh, my Lord, I wait for you to know, the ways of Heaven upon your doors.  And when you open Heaven's gate, we swim like little fish again.  And we the children have waited for so long, to be with you in Heaven's stars.  There up above you fall down to me, where my heart catches liberty.  This I bring to all the Clan, the Rainbow Children upon the land.  Those who follow law of man, the heart of heaven upon their hands.  The man of earth, who gifts piety (devotion to religious duties and practice), and law of heaven which longs to sea (the blue road, the heart and soul), the tears of majesty among the skies, where Mountains bring us unlimited views.  The place of Angels they do sing, to bring us living rivers again.  And we the children beg freedom this day, because we followed the customs you say (customs King David says).  

My heart knows what is right and wrong, but my body it can't do justice this day.  I long to be with my family again, the Ones who bring us liberty.  Truth and justice I do yearn so my heart will ever bloom. While I sing to all the world, "We come in peace to fill the void!"  Just when we think they have turned around to find the circle of eternal love, they shoot arrows into my heart again, to teach me to reflect and know the world.  We are the peasants who seek and are misunderstood, because we treasure the laws of G_ah_d.  And when the others don't understand us (the house of the beloved, who laws of G_ah_d), they commit adultery and some fraud (they don't follow G_ah_d's commandments).  Because my David, my King I trust, you need to spread your love around.  To bind us to the song of peace, the holiness that you do keep.  

Let us reach into heaven's gate to be with open oven's gate (fire of purification, the holy blessings).  To the fire of hell (mans illusion, yet purification to swell the heart beat of love) and the girth of love (inside the darkness where it's heavens land, when we return to the eternal circle of love), let purification bring us home again.  The gates to Shiloh will ring true again, when the congregation of the Suns return home, and with them, they carry the perfection in hand (the mathematical perfect explaining all the truth of Oneness and the Rainbow Colors of the ONE CLAN), the prophecy of Rainbow Warriors who stand the ground (practice law of love across the rolling hills in time, we call evolution).  Armed with the Laws of Love that supersede, the heart of man and all he bleeds.  Bring us home Our King David Deer (on the journey of breath), because we need you to deliver us peace.  And when you whisper to us this night, let all your children be free of plight, for the Kingdom of Relatives is oh so near, the gates are open and we need to bleed (follow the river of law of love, the swelling heart that longs to be safe in your arms of her (soul) heaven bound).  Keep us safe for our return, to heaven's doors with so much sun.  And we can see the Angels sing, when you sing with us, and your heart beats (Holiness David is the heartbeat of the World, whom has come home!).

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, elder christal person who swims like the dove, to bring us peace upon the land, because the House of David stands.  Built on rocks (river of life) and not the sand, says Holiness David.

The High Holy Days have begun in Israel.

Israel is marking Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, beginning 10 days of repentance. The Days of Awe, as they are called, culminate with the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. 

The rabbis gave the season it's meaning later, after a long evolution from a day to celebrate the seasons to what we see today as ten days of introspection and painful admissions to family, friends and God.  How important are the days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur?  The Talmud notes that completely righteous people are inscribed in the Book of Life automatically; completely wicked people are automatically condemned to death and the rest of us have the ten days to get things right with family and friends before coming before God on Yom Kippur for reckoning.
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Whether or not you believe the heavens will open up and grab up the wicked or there is actually a Book of Life in which names are inscribed is not the point.  The point is that we are charged with thinking about our actions and acting on the call to change our ways.  How many of us will apologize to not only to those closest to us but to people with whom we interact on a regular basis? Written by Rabbi Amy Weiss

Book of Life lies inside of Everyone! 
the rainbow colors you have, a light from within... 

Everyone is a book of life and only a Christal person can read this strife.  The true and blue (relative) who offers you, the sacred four directions that longs in you.  Here the house of G_ah_d resides, to be the perfect slice of pie. And we the children who abide will be the open hearted and survive, the toll of what is coming upon this land, the red sky and fire that lands.  And will you be ready to receive the Greatest batiste (no separation, but one) corner to conceive.  And when we are the blessed to receive then we will offer all to thee.  Each is my brother and sister you sea, because my heart longs to be, with all my family and friends throughout time.  I will be true and loyal blue, for we can only come home to you, our Heaven upon Earth with a view, brings us shallow troughs (river of mother earth) to lie down to see the view (stars of heaven). The angels do sing in Heaven above and we see stars in the night sky to love.  They shoot and ponder over head, so we may remember all who has bled.  (Those who followed the red road, the law of love, the tears that flow and know the swell of the heart that is overwhelmed because we cared so much for G_ah_d's love.) 

All come for blessings so you may see, how glorious you can be!  The heart of Jesus (christal, heaven's celestial crown) stands with me right now, because my Twin Heart knows love above (heaven).  Moses (christal, heaven's celestial crown) too, comes to greet the dust, for he is here just like the rest of us, but do you see the heart of Man, who stands an Angel, the hand of G_ah_d.  Now, White Buffalo Calf Woman (christal, heaven's celestial crown) is here to be, the One who claims the throne for thee, the kingdom of Angels will fill the land, come home my children and make a stand.  Come and have your book of life, read by Christ and all her staff.  It's time to come home and be with G_ah_d, just open your heart and bring some love. Bless the gates and portals too, for we have had mercy thrown upon you.  Here you will find perfection upon your door, and you need only claim what is inside the view.  Forgive your enemies, forgive your friends, come and open the doors again.  For we belong together at the Eastern Shore, when we return home and adore!

Let the eternal circle bring us together again, come receive your blessings and open your heart to the wind! Your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman is wearing ribbons (tzit tzit, the blue of me and you, relatives in the wind, when prayer is done again) and so much more.  The crown of heaven sits upon my head, to bring you Holiness upon this day (sacred ways King David brings).  We the house of David come home to you, to be the Greatest Living View.  Pray my children so you may see, the glory of servants who long to be, true, loyal devoted too, for we have a mission and it's to bring you the view.  The perfect magical book of life, is often called the tree of life.  Let us gift to you, the kingdom above and bring Great Spirit Mother home again.  And when Great Father returns from his tour, the second phase of evolution closes it's door.  Welcome and come all to sea a new land, the Shiloh we have welcomed, the hand of G_ah_d!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, and Holiness David our King (crowned of earth's heartbeat) who is blessed.  And here the House of David the beloved children grow, to blossom and be Angels for all to see and adore.  Don't have faith?  Then put your hands together and pray!  Sing your hearts out all the days, and when Yom  Kippur comes to greet your day, remember the purification is on it's way.  Don't deny the servants, G_ah_d sent your way, then you will vanish upon the gates, because you will not understand pure love, for Angels do protect all of G_ah_d's devoted suns.

Fire Offers Purification

Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors do land upon the rolling hills that stand...Heaven and Earth welcome home!

Sing Prayer Before the Meeting to Unite Hearts, to Resolve Conflicts!

2011-2012 / 5772 - 5773

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year
1 Tishrei 5772
September 28-30, 2011

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
10 Tishrei 5772
October 7-8, 2011

Sukkot - Feast of Tabernacles
15 Tishrei 5772
October 12-19, 2011

Simchat Torah - Rejoice with Torah
23 Tishrei 5772
October 20-October 21, 2011

Chanukah - Festival of Lights
25 Kislev 5772
December 20-28, 2011

Tu B'Shevat - New Year of Trees
15 Shevat 5772
February 8, 2012

Purim - Feast of Ester
14 Adar 5772
March 7-8, 2012

Pesach – The Passover
15 Nisan 5772
April 6-14, 2012

Shavuot - The Giving of the Torah
6 Sivan 5772
May 26-28, 2012

Tisha B'Av - Fast for Destruction and Renewal
9 Av 5772
July 28-29, 2012
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