I Bless Myself, I Bless the World, I Bless You

It is the Song of Angels that bring us home, into the Greatness that gets along. Do we need love, to rise above? Yes, bring us love that brings us all along, the laws that gets us from the rising tides, our hearts that swell and know our pride. Be that, is heard like Angels Call, we are the Rainbow Hall, where humbleness gifts life along, the path of Brotherhood. We bless the shoulders of grief befall, and send a blessings to that Great Hall, where we know tears, bring us new life, the light, that sheds all our strife. Be your color of bountifulness, the waking of the soul, that should, and we can offer wisdom here, to be the soul, that lives forever deer (journey of life). You the beloved knows good deeds,when we belong to all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Shabbath Shalom"שבת-שלום" The Seed is Planted for Another Year!

The days have been long and the nights seem to find, the heaven that's gone has woke up to find, the heart of the G_ah_d, the heart of my Soul and I have but went to overload.  What makes me weep when I do go home.   Where do I go, when all is a storm.  There is one chance, the willing who dance, to make life again, the weeping of a bridge.  Why must I die, to come back to life?  Why must I gift to all those who lie?  Where do I go, when all do not know?  And when I go, there is sow much snow (crystalline stone river along the journey of life). 

The willing of per chance is my heart who dance.  And I will find my way, to overcome this day.  The heaven that comes home to find the paradise.  The place we seek out loud, but don't we seek within.  Now Shabbat (The seventh day is holy, a day of rest, the holy Shabbat  ' שבת-שלום) is here, the place many fear.  Now we go to heart, to judge us from the start.  What makes us rejoice to all those of choice?  What makes us yearn to promise land we earned?  I know it's you, the heaven and it's dew.  The heart of my life, belongs to heaven sent.  And I could climb rainbows when you are know from here, the place of the gardens where we can come home for sure.

This goes to speak my heart of plenty defeat, the place I hold my head, the place I long to keep.  When does the sun rise, come inside of me?  When does the sunrise find perfect company?  There in the darkness of heaven sent from above, we need to hold you, like a perfect cup of tea.  When does the sound of silence produce anything?  For I know that wisdom comes from loving and laughing again.  Don't keep me waiting, for I am here to speak.  Don't walk away from me, because I am the keeps.  The ordained from G_ah_d's wings, the Angels sent from above, I will be merciful, because G_ah_d did say.  I will be merciful, because my heart is Gold.  And I will live up to sin, because I will let it in.  I will embrace thee and I will bless your heart, because I love you, the smart (sting) that always comes.  You have a broken heart and let me mend it again.  Don't worry of yesterday, for we will put it away.  We will look upon the seeds tomorrow is the way.  We will plant mercy, to those who spring a leak. And we will climb mountains, to find the heart again, for we brothers, with sisters who long to be, hearts of pure Angels, who dance and sing again.

Can it be me my Lord, who has come to know the land?  Can it be me my love, who has come to know the land?  I want to be with thee, upon the Promised Land!  I want to be divine, sow my light will always shine.  For I am a Sun within, the place that always begins, the dreams of yesterday, for tears that always lead the way.  And my love has grown and grown, to be part of all the Stones, to be with humbleness upon the rolling hills.  Now today, I am on my way, to trust the dance of yesterday.  To be with you and me, to long to be in the view of the sea.  You and I can walk the way, to be part of yesterday.  I have my hand on you, to say, we are brotherhood.

Let us be strong again, like a woman who always defends, the heart of man and beast to make the best of me.  My mother she is the law, the Greatness forever without the flaws, of saying I turn away, because she is here to stay.  Great Spirit Mother longs to be with us in the Promised land, to guide her children pure, to  be with a loving tear.  And she is all we need to be sure of cleaving three, the reflection of all the days, to become loving hay (the golden path of growing from a seed).  Now Great Father has led the way of promised glory of the day, and we have come so far, to be on top of the jar.  The place that held us close, the place that kept the most, the glory of yesterday, learning to be slaves for the day.  Great Warriors we are learning to be, to follow our Parents law, the heavenly bodies who left the way, sow we would get home this day.  And now evolution is going to bring us home, to the days of yesterday, turned into dreams to stay.

Let us be free.........................................Let us know the breeze......................................Let us be loving ways, to bring the heart to stay.  My heart is pure inside, when I don't have alibies, sow I will plant the seeds of tomorrow with all it's needs.  Come home one and all, die and arise to see the fall, the rolling hills in time, that gift us ever time.  And we are here to be, the happy and the free, with abundance for everyone, to be the rising sun. Come take my hand............................Come walk the promise land...........................................Come and see what I can believe...............................the way freedom rings!

Sung By White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother and Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your devoted servants, houseofthebeloved.net join us at the gathering pool!

OU.ORG Presents  The Meaning of Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah is the day on which G-d created Man, Adam, G-d’s final and most precious creation. Each Rosh HaShanah, the birthday of Mankind, we proclaim G-d as our one and true King. We then reaffirm our desire to serve him every moment of our lives. At this same time, G-d reviews the status of his creation and determines if he or she merits another year in this world.

On the first night of Rosh HaShanah, after prayer services, a special greeting is used, which is only said on this night "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." On Rosh HaShanah, everyone is judged by G-d based on his or her actions during the previous year. The resulting judgment is inscribed by G-d and a person’s future is determined for the following year. Though that judgment is inscribed, it is not yet sealed and can still be changed at least for another ten days. G-d waits until Yom Kippur to seal the book for the year. 

How can a person change their judgment for the better? "Repentance, Prayer, and Charity can remove the bad decree." G-d looks especially at three areas during the time between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, the Ten Days of Repentance.  By doing teshuvah with true regret for the past and commitment for the future, a person can erase his misdeeds and hence improve his judgment before it is sealed on Yom Kippur. Similarly, by praying with greater concentration before G-d, and by giving charity with the proper spirit,  one can also upgrade one's status.

"Shabbath Shalom"שבת-שלום"

In Hebrew, a wish before and during the Saturday of the Peaceful Sabbath. This is the seventh day of the week for the Jewish calendar and even the Gregorian Calender that most of the world uses. Sabbath Saturday is a day of rest and reflection often used to offer prayer and ceremony.  A day of refreshing the soul to be free in the House of the winds.  This day begins on Friday at sundown and ending on Saturday evening when the three stars appear in the sky and can be viewed together. Three is the reflection of light, that brings us the illusion of time.  The reflection offers us the waves of rolling hills, to have a physical life upon the Earthly Realm, when our Souls descend to the place of Paradise. This motion is offered by the Moon, which reflects the light of the Sun every single day, along it trans-migratory route.

When a Wo/Man knows Shalom, they know peace within.  This is often used a general greeting for all time.  When you know peace, then you know the way into Heaven, where the Soul resides and we collide with Heaven and Earth.  This process is what we are all experiencing during this tumultuous times of evolution when all things seems topsy-turvy (state of confusion), or upside down. We are learning to pour forth our roots of heaven down into the valley of Golden Dreams, our Paradise, we call Home (Earth).

We are coming to an end of our 10 days of prayer, when the Yom Teruah (the day of shouting) began, often called Rosh Hashanah or New years.  But this is not really new years, but the second annual harvesting of the crops begin and the new seed is planted.  We learn to die within, with a river of tears, like the crop dies to provide us with sustenance.  Then we learn to pray and pray and sing our hearts in joy, by migrating from shouting to ringing the bells to playing the trumpet all to learn about the soul's migration from death to arising to be born again in spirit.  This is the time of rejuvenation or transformation of our Souls journey into the light from darkness or a time of reflection of the waves of our breath.  The moon and the sun have our hearts entwined and we are learning to become the G_ah_d (whole as we learn to utter heaven's voice) within us all, as the winds of all our brothers and sisters glide through us as we journey inside the house of the beloved (STAR of DAVID).

We learned that we are the house of four sides, with two sides that go to and fro. This migratory action flows along the Crystalline (Star of David as all crystals have this shape and the strength of Oneness that aligns inside and outside) stone river of our souls darkness and our rainbow colors of lights. The house stands with four sacred directions and the wind blows in two directions, the heart that motions up and down as we swell with pain and grief and joy and happiness bringing us tears of knowing with days of showing how to act kindly and with wisdom, the hand of G_ah_d. Having compassion upon those who do not know of prayer, and to teach others the necessary steps to guide them along the trail of rolling hills of sacredness, the strength of a fortified house of the beloved which lies within you.  We are part of this song, the song where Angels do sing along the rushing river.  And we are the very Angels G_ah_d has sent home to bring life again, to the heavenly realm below.  To refresh the soul is the guiding factor to the rising sun within.  When we pray and have ceremony and celebrate the passing days to remember we belong together and forever we are ONE.

Today is the last day of our 10 days of prayer and we can find solace in those who have joined us to know "Shabbath Shalom"שבת-שלום", the sacred days of peace.  Come home to the rising sun within, to shine forever and a day.  The eternal flowing of G_ah_d.

written by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, the house of beloved, star of David, has come home to your hearts!

Fire Offers Purification

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Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year
1 Tishrei 5772
September 28-30, 2011

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10 Tishrei 5772
October 7-8, 2011

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15 Tishrei 5772
October 12-19, 2011

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