I Bless Myself, I Bless the World, I Bless You

It is the Song of Angels that bring us home, into the Greatness that gets along. Do we need love, to rise above? Yes, bring us love that brings us all along, the laws that gets us from the rising tides, our hearts that swell and know our pride. Be that, is heard like Angels Call, we are the Rainbow Hall, where humbleness gifts life along, the path of Brotherhood. We bless the shoulders of grief befall, and send a blessings to that Great Hall, where we know tears, bring us new life, the light, that sheds all our strife. Be your color of bountifulness, the waking of the soul, that should, and we can offer wisdom here, to be the soul, that lives forever deer (journey of life). You the beloved knows good deeds,when we belong to all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

May Your Book of Life Know Peace, "May You Be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year", L 'Shanah Tovah

Tashlich, a special prayer said near a body
 of water while casting out bread, some other food,
 or even lint from pockets; this is a symbolic
casting off of the sins from the year past. Both the
 word and the practice are derived from
Micah 7:18-20, which says "Thou wilt cast
 all their sins into the depths of the sea."

But let us bring the blessings, to purify darkness
heaven within, the soul along the blue road,
the place where vision is strong.  Here inside
the soul, the realm of inner light set free. Let
my darkness blossom and set me free!
My heart is full of wisdom, my soul does expound, that God (blue road, heaven, dark, soul) is here taking, the ground (red road, earth, light, flesh). And those who want to find the will of a saint (a light from within), need learn how to fall down and pray.  Because God is heading our way. Heaven is upon us. Heaven is from the ground. Heaven is all around us, in all we do and say. Heaven is the heart strings, the blue of me and you (reflection of light, the heavenly road brought to earth). Heaven is abounding, when my soul seems to speak, to the heart of those who weep.

Imagine filling up volumes of what you did and say, then you could possibly know the distance between you and me.  Your whole life is a story, that's written in your book of life, that's how we come to know, that God is here, noticing twice. Being woman, the soul. Being man the flesh (not always this way, but it's the way we view, the singularity). The sun does rise and sun does set, to bring in the heart of woh (horsey, the soul)....man (transmission of light, the flesh). And we are here to worship the hard work, we all withstand, to share the heart of oneness, the relative land.  And it's a heart of wisdom. It's a book of life.  It's where we look to find treasures. It's where we find a life.  And when it's all over, we come to the heart of man. We are the many creatures, that we need to understand.

The dream has a master, and your hands can come forth, to bring in heartbeats, that last and create force.  You don't have to wait for your brothers (flesh) to step up first, we can be sisters (souls), and know it's our worth.  Walking and talking, to others each and every day.  We are a story, that shows and displays, greeting each other, showing kindness in what you do, it's the way of saving, the true and the blue.  Feel your heart giving so you can receive too. Bring in the stories, of many a day. Bring in the stories, that give it away.  Bring in tomorrow, that sails in the breeze, sing your songs homeward towards eternity.

One way or another. One way is the path. We are always part of heaven. We are always parts that last.  We gift to each other, the heart in the breeze, when we remember, that God is in me.  Give your kindness, to the day you arise. Give your dreams a heart full of surprise.  Give the sound of angels and sing for the world. Your heart is measured by what you gift it's worth. Does your heart sing, to bring in happiness again?  Does your step walk towards those who feel the shot (pain in the heart)?  Do you give to strangers?  Do you help the poor?  Do you give to those, who are far afford?  Do you give to latent enemies, you forgive?  Do you give to tomorrow, hoping children are the gift.  Do you feel the kindness that's measured in you?  Do you feel that hope of God is filling the inside of you? 

"Thanks", Holiness David says to the world. We are all golden treasures, when gratitude is filled.  Give your heart some measure, give to receive this day. Because all are golden treasures, when you give your love away. 

One step yonder.  Two step fore. Three steps glory.  We do afford (gifts from God, our dreams).  Five steps to a kingdom.  Six steps towards righteousness. Seven steps to daylight, the seed that bursts forth.  Eight steps to golden paradise above. Nine steps to consciousness, where prayer is dance and love.  Ten steps to heaven, brings us closer to the end, to begin forever, the circle song begins.  We are part of what we awe, the magic of our lives. We are the birthing place of God's apparent delights. We are the children, who bring us eternity.  When we trust each other and gift the kindness breeze (I pass you, you pass me and we gift to each other, please, the exchange of true love, the gift of eternity).

"L'shanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim," 

which means 

"May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."

Holiness David says, "Pass somebody, smile and send silent love".

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Drums, the song of love, to the throne of G_ah_d's kingdom. Today prayers for you in Song, to bring your hearts along, the wave of the blue, the heart inside of you, the soul, that lingers to come on home, where G_ah_d is known, by their throne! Crown of love, come to stay, because G_ah_d ordained it this way. We come to bring, the heart that's set free, when you trust the soul within, the darkness, the soul that finds the knowledge of goodness, the perfect soul that lingers and holds, to reflect and reverberate all hearts, to feel loved and never apart.

L'Shana Tova Chicago!

Although many of us are at work today, for our Jewish friends sundown yesterday marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year (September 8, 2010). It is regarded as the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind's role in God's world.
Judaism has four "new year" observances, each marking a different yearly observance. Rosh Hashanah is the new year for people, animals, and legal contracts. There are many traditions that go with Rosh Hashanah, but the central observance is the sounding of shofar, the ram's horn, which also signifies the people's crowning of God as king of the universe. The sounding of the shofar is also a call to repent, as Rosh Hashanah is also observed as the anniversary of man's first sin and repentance. This marks the first day of the days of repentance, culminating ten days later in Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.
Besides the sounding of shofar, traditional Rosh Hashanah customs include eating a piece of apple dipped in honey to symbolize the desire for a sweet year, and blessing others with the words "L'shanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim," which means "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." Later this afternoon, you may see Jewish Chicagoans near Lake Michigan practicing the Tashlich, a special prayer said near a body of water while casting out bread, some other food, or even lint from pockets; this is a symbolic casting off of the sins from the year past. Both the word and the practice are derived from Micah 7:18-20, which says "Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea." As with every major Jewish holiday, after candle lighting and prayers, they recite Kiddush* and make a blessing on the Challah*.

One of the most amazing things about living in such a large urban area is the opportunity that we all have to encounter people that have different beliefs and customs than we do. If you aren't Jewish, today is a chance to reflect on the traditions of a faith that is the foundation of both Christianity and Islam. If you're Jewish, it's a great time to reach out and to share some of your traditions with friends that might not be familiar with your faith. Happy New Year, Chicago! Thank you http://www.jewishchicago.com Image via karbon69. By Kevin Robinson in News on September 13, 2007 12:00 PM

*Kiddush also spelled Qiddush (Hebrew: “sanctification”)

Jewish benediction and prayer recited over a cup of wine immediately before the meal on the eve of the sabbath or of a festival; the ceremony acknowledges the sanctity of the day that has just begun. Chanting, or recitation, usually performed by the head of the household, may involve several or all members of the family, depending on the custom; each then sips wine from the cup, which was held in the right hand during the benediction. In the Ashkenazi (German) tradition, two covered loaves of bread (halloth) on the table symbolize the double portion of manna gathered before the sabbath by Israelites during their years of wandering in the wilderness. If no wine is available, bread may be used as a substitute.

Following an ancient custom from the days when wayfarers and the poor lodged in synagogues, some congregations recite the Kiddush at the end of the Friday-evening service in the synagogue—except on the eve of the Passover (Pesaḥ), when the recitation is reserved for the Seder service. The Kiddush that is recited after the morning service of the sabbath and of the festival is preceded by appropriate readings from the Torah or first five books of the Bible. Thank you http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/317334/Kiddush

*What is Challah?
Circle of Life
"Returning G_ah_d, the utterance of heavenly (blue road) transmission, the heavenly soul, round and round we go, within, the voice bringing song again and trusting the hall of the four winds." White Buffalo Calf Woman

“Man does not live on bread alone, but by the utterance of G-d’s mouth does man live.”
Devarim 8:3.

The Maggid of Mezeritch explains: Everything in creation is an “utterance of G-d’s mouth.” In the beginning, G-d said, "let there be light," and there was light. Everything under the sun holds a spark of G-dliness because it came into being as a result of the word of G-d.

When we feel hungry for a slice of bread, this is really our soul’s desire for its spiritual essence. Food feeds body and soul. When we take challah we are saying: basic bread helps me have the strength to serve my Creator; by using the energy to do mitzvos, I am spiritually nourished. Food is not about simply keeping me alive. It is about helping me live for the purpose for which I was created.

Challah or hallah is a traditional Jewish bread eaten on Shabbat and Jewish holidays (except Passover, when leavened bread is not allowed). This association with Judaism is most prevalent in the United States, as challah is also a traditional bread in numerous European countries, such as Hungary, among local non-Jewish peasant populations.

On Shabbat every Jew is commanded to eat three meals (one on Friday night and two on Saturday). In Judaism, a "meal" includes bread. Hence, Jews will traditionally eat challah at the beginning of their Shabbat meal. As with any other type of bread, the blessing "Baruch atah Adonai, eloheinu melech ha'olam, hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz" is recited before the challah is eaten. Translated, it means "Blessed are you, Lord, our God, king of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth."

The dough is made with an especially large number of eggs, and sweetened with honey. The dough is traditionally cut into three rope-shaped pieces and then braided together before baking. An egg wash is applied to the dough to give a golden color after being baked. Poppy or sesame seeds are sprinkled on the bread before baking; the seeds represent manna that God gave to the Israelites to eat while they wandered in the desert.

Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year, raisins are added to the dough and the Challah is braided into a special crown shape, representing God's crown.

The name refers to a small piece of dough which is reserved and baked separately. This is done in commemoration of when the temple stood in Israel. Originally, during temple times, the dough was given to a Cohen (priest). Since the destruction, the dough is burned and thrown away after a special prayer is said. Thank you 

We are woven together!
A select number of Torah commandments are categorized as t’luyos ba’aretz, directly connected with the physical Land of IsraelChallah, the separation of a portion of dough, is among these commandments. The Torah states: “You shall offer up a loaf (challah) from the first of your dough as a gift” (Numbers 15:20). This loaf is among the twenty-four gifts that G-d awarded to the kohanim, the priests.

Other commandments that are t’luyos ba’aretz include bikkurimterumah, and ma’aserBikkurim, the First Fruits, were brought to Jerusalem by the landowner as an offering in the Temple and given to the kohanimTerumah and ma’aser, portions of produce, were given respectively to a kohen and a Levite. These other mitzvos were not applicable until fourteen years after the Israelites entered the land (seven years to conquer it and seven years to divide it among the various tribes). In contrast, the mitzvah to take challah applied the moment that the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into the Holy Land.

By Biblical law, challah is taken only within the boundaries of the Land of Israel. However, the Sages instituted the taking of challah outside the Holy Land so that people living in the Diaspora would not forget the mitzvah. In order for the mitzvah of challah to have Biblical force, all (or according to the Sefer HaChinuch, a majority) of Jews must be present in the Holy Land. Ever since the forced dispersion of the Jews at the end of the First Temple era, this criterion has not been met. Therefore, challah today, both in and out of the Land of Israel, is a Rabbinic rather than a Biblical mitzvah. Thank you http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/130537/jewish/About-Challah.htm

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Let us be little children too, the house of the Beloved children of G_ah_d (Jews and Gentiles, Oneness stands).  The blossoms of our lives, bring in four winds, that abound, here the soul does hide in dark, to shine, alightfromwithin, the golden heart!

It's a heart that always knows, how we live and how we grow.  When we pray to G_ah_d above, all the sky does know of love.  When we pray to G_ah_d below, all the ground does know the flow.  Now it's time to unite our hearts, to the flesh, that seems so stout.  We are here to unite our hearts, to the lost and lasting waves. It's time to lean on love this day.  It's time to lead a holy day.  It's time to create an army of G_ah_d, the kind that stands for love is law.  The House of the Beloved Children know, that love is the only way to go.  And it's written in all the books, holy few, have a niche.  Because you know it's blessings that save the day. Because we know that glory will know the way.  And because it's time to go on home.  The place G_ah_d promised, the Rainbow Clan.  

Suns of Jacob Let Us Begin To Unravel All of This Sin and Bring Blossoms Home Again!

New Year Greeting
Attributed to Happy Jack (Native American, c. 1870-1918)
  • Walrus tusk: engraved; gold inset
  • Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm) Diameter: 1 in. (2.5 cm)
  • The Jewish Museum, New York
  • Gift of the Kanofsky Family in memory of 
  • Minnie Kanofsky, 1984-71 More information *

Suns of Jacob, how do you do?  I wonder how, you will ever pull through.  God is waiting for us to begin, but you must walk humble and live without sin.  There were laws left, but you did/do still hate other men. How will they stop hating if you continue to rebound.  And now we are supposed to reflect and make amends, but how does one do this with G_ah_d and remain without sin?

Pray with fire my relative. Pray with water each day.  Remember to be faithful and forgive those who lost their way. Remember the Torah, not the Talmud, because this was not left for you (by G_ah_d's command the Torah, but by Man's command the Talmud, the reason it's oral is by the heart, the blue thread, relatives, not intelligence). Even though, righteous does bring us towards the throne, one must be pure of heart, willing to give it all away. But instead you (Rabbis) are marrying children, without feeding the homeless first. So many traditions, don't keep the word.  The salvation left behind for you, the 10 commandments first.

Then how about the reason, you kick the helpless on the streets. It's the judgement of G_ah_d that says to heal and complete. To help those who need you and those who ask of your help, but you hide away in castles, even thinking it's okay. Hating everyone who comes inside your gates.

And what about pass over, only once did the lamb make it's mark, yet each year you kill the humble lamb on the post. You forgot that it was for one year, only one time, G_ah_d did tell you, now you are continuing slaughtering lambs on the streets.  We are here to protect lambs, not slaughter them for meat. Offering sacrifice is what we do in our hearts, but you even forgot the blue string, on the heart.  The tzitzit gave you salvation, the blue road to heaven eternally, but you don't remember, how to get back to me (the one you prayed for).

And the red calf, did not heal you, but gave you a zeal (puffed up with pride), how to be the chosen people, means you walk with G_ah_d's heart (gentile and jew).  We are part of the heirarchy, we are part of the clan. We are part of G_ah_d's kingdom and we are finally home. In two short years, you don't purify, the heaven's will cleanse your heart, as you fall down upon the steeple, hoping somehow, G_ah_d did not loose his (Great Spirit Father in Heaven) heart (like you did) and that we can be forgiven, if we use fire blessings each day, for it's the cleansing that's coming, we need prepare and start to pray (with fire to cleanse the light, impure delights).

The darkness of heaven, is the spiritual embrace. And we can only hope for fruition, when we learn to take our place. But one after the other, I see egos overload, because they can't receive my love, nor learn of higher grace. That the law of heaven is the song, where law of love abounds.  And none are refused, to gift the loving surge, the reaction of the embrace, the darkness holds our trace (true love written in the book of life, that only a christal can read, now it's time for all to sea, vision with a heart, it's evolution, man, get to your stand, take your post and start to demand blessings, that heal our souls, the way into heaven's gate).

Here is the blue, the heart inside of you. The soul that is aching to be free. But you did not walk with love upon your heart, because you did not want to bleed (suffer for the oneness), instead you run and hide, thinking you know it all, intelligence will make you fall.  The blue string of heaven (song written on the tzitzit, it's the tears we cry for me and you), is the road, well spent.  There we know the causes of all we do and went. But now it's upon us, the heaven is knocking at the door, because evolution has waited, for you to adore, use love and song to reach them, the people who do sin.

Blessings to my Brothers, blessings Sisters too (daughters who embue).  Blessings to everyone, especially you too. And blessings to my neighbors, the children everywhere. I bless them to know love, is waiting for them in here, my heart is full of wisdom, because I'm the sun of Jacob and free. I know the laws and judgements, that G_ah_d passed down to me. Now it's time for me to stand up, for loving relief (prayers in the winds of time).  Let's not be blind, but let us shine instead this time. Let us be rainbows (sacred four directions in rainbow colors). Let us be true. Let us bee the heart of the royal blue (the soul, that resides in you, the eternal knowing, upon your heart). G_ah_d's chosen. G_ah_d's to command. G_ah_d's little children, who follow and abound and make amends. Let us pray for the four winds, to come home!

Suns of Jacob, I am your throne! (Put your hands together and pray, with your prayer cloth and blue string, the tassel that remembers the flight of the soul, the blue road is here, heaven abounds!)

Sings White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother  (Star of David, celestial crown, christal person)
Drums (heartbeat) Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand (Star of David, earthly crown, lavender person) House of the Beloved Children, the Rainbow Clan

*More information

For 350 years, Jewish immigrants have brought to America their talent and drive to succeed, displaying entrepreneurship, patriotism, and often a great spirit of adventure. New opportunities combined with few restrictions allowed Jews to participate actively in the economic life of the United States. Jews also played an important role in the western migration by settling in less desirable areas. For example, the genesis of Alaska's Jewish community coincided with the purchase of the territory by the United States in 1867. It is believed that some Jews sailed there with the Russian fishing fleets in the 1830s and 1840s, but it was not until a Jewish-owned firm, the Alaska Commercial Company, secured the seal-fishing rights that known Jewish traders began making regular visits to the territory. In 1885, the first permanent Jewish settlers arrived in Juneau.

The Klondike gold rush of 1897, soon followed by another discovery of gold near Nome, brought thirty thousand miners, fortune hunters, and businessmen into Cape Nome. A number of Jews joined the immigration, and Inuits also sought a share of the bonanza. Several hundred of the latter rapidly established a market for native clothing, along with carved ivory figurines, cribbage boards, and other souvenirs.

This unusual Alaskan artifact combines the Jewish custom of sending Rosh Hashanah cards with the centuries-old Inuit craft of walrus-tusk carving, a tradition that developed quite separately from the whaleman's scrimshaw. However, with the arrival of the whalers in the nineteenth century, both Inuit carvers and scrimshanders expanded their repertoires as they exchanged techniques and materials. The complexity and diversity of Inuit subjects increased as more sophisticated interpretations displaced schematic figures and linear ornamentation. Inuit carvers quickly learned to copy illustrations or photographs in what is termed a "western pictorial style."

The most innovative and influential of the carvers was the Alaskan Inuit Angokwazhuk, known as "Happy Jack." He is credited with the introduction, after 1892, of the art of engraving walrus tusks with a very fine needle, which resulted in an almost perfect imitation of newspaper halftones and fabric textures. The carvers enhanced the incised lines by filling them with india ink, graphite, or ashes.

Most of the engraved walrus tusks are unsigned, but several closely resemble this carving. A cribbage board, for example, assumed to have been made by Happy Jack, is embellished with portraits of a couple separated by a nosegay. Even though he could not read or write, Happy Jack reproduced written inscriptions; one work included the full content of a Packer's Tar Soap label with its portrait, pinecones, and slogan. While some other native carvers also had the ability to copy the inscriptions and photographs provided by their customers, they lacked his consummate skill.

On this tusk, the artist has ably recorded the faces and attire of a religiously observant Jewish couple, believed to have run a store in Nome. The woman seems to be wearing a wig and is dressed in typical turn-of-the-century style. The man's beard is neatly trimmed; his top hat suggests a holiday or formal occasion. The Hebrew inscription delivers the traditional Jewish New Year salutation: "May you be inscribed for a good year, 5671 [1910]." In English is added: "Nome, Alaska.

Reference: Ray, Dorothy Jean. "Happy Jack: King of the Eskimo Ivory Carvers." AMERICAN INDIAN ART, Vol. 15 (winter 1984): pp. 32-47.  Thank you http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/onlinecollection/object_collection.php?objectid=1545&themeid=1491&view=collection

The House of the Four Winds, is the Book of life, the
four rainbow colors, that offer you tools of light to
protect your heavenly soul or darkness within. Now it's
time for the soul to arise, to sing praise for paradise and bring law to the people once more!  Welcome to  the third phase of evolution, Heaven upon Earth, the blue road merges with the red road, where dreams come true (yellow path), the heart of you, the soul that arises on the
blue road. Let us know joy in our song♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ 
Question about the Talmud. 

Holiness David asks, "You attack the Talmud and you have never read this book and you don't know what it is?"

Answer about the Talmud.  
White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Many times I tell you Holiness David (lavender person, Holiness), that crystal people don't need to open a book to read it.  We can simply pick up a book and hold it to our hearts. We can access heaven and all knowledge written in all books of life, whether light or dark, whether plant, animal or rock, near or far, in the past, future or now. We crystal people absorb all information in the light and darkness. We never disconnect to heavenly knowledge, the blue road.  We, crystal persons, read heaven upon earth, in the song.  Lavender people like you access information differently, as you can find a needle in a haystack, and uniting heaven with earth constantly the living fire that cleanses.  This is why you are here to ask the question, that hits the heart.  However, crystal people read the rainbow colors or light spectrums can only be truthfully read by a crystal person. (Apparently I am here to show you your rainbow colors and for you -Suns of Jacob- to find other crystal people in your communities and for you to bring law among all peoples and G_ah_d's kingdom once again. Pure hearts within the Suns of Jacob and daughters imbued, come receive the mathematical treasure, the facts that will show you the waves or light spectrums and perfectly arranged in space and time!)  Each rainbow color has it's own power.  However, we are entering a time, when all of us shall be reading each other's book of life (not truth, but reflection, yet knowledge you did not have before of the inner world of each other's soul), the darkness within (vision with a heart).  We walk in the light, we call this the red road, the law of love and the embrace of man in the physical world.  We walk in the dark, we call this the blue road, the law of the song and the embrace of heaven, our soul within.  The Talmud is an oral tradition.  It was meant to be passed down by the use of the heart.  The use of the heart is the soul's knowledge, the blue road. This is a blue thread and commandment of Heavenly law, placed with safe keeping for the Suns of Jacob to find their way home!  

Crystal people are many, who walk around this world.  And I am the Oneness of a Crystal person, who is bringing this law from heaven, the SONG, to the people again, the BLUE ROAD.  We, the Rainbow Clan, the Oneness, are the oral traditions, when we trust our hearts and the soul that lives within.  This is the promised blue road of heaven, now in evolution coming home to us to live again.  We cannot bring the Talmud in to this new world, with a written record, when it's an oral tradition, supposed to be passed down through the heart, the blue road and song of heaven.  Yes song has been passed down.  Yes information about the song has been passed down, we call the Talmud, however, it's still an intellectual property of the world of man (a living record) and his physical beingness on the red road, where rainbow colors shine.  But on the blue road, we walk on the path of heaven, the vision with our heart.  Suns of Jacob are the eldest physical humans on earth.  This means, you have all knowledge written upon your hearts, when you can access this knowledge.  This cannot be done, by reading a book with intelligence, remember this is the red road.  This can only be done, by oral tradition and in the song of heaven, here we arise, to the souls eternal knowledge, to learn to return home again, from whence we came oh such a long time ago. Remember we are eternal on the path to evolution's spiraling.  The blue road, is the song of heaven and the oral tradition can only be kept alive, when we understand the four winds in rainbow colors.  We must be able to access our powers of light (rainbow light spectrums), in order for our inner darkness to shine. We must bind, the two worlds together (flesh and soul), to allow the whole of the clan, to learn about the laws of heaven, brought here for man.  Suns of Jacob are the chosen people on the eastern horizon, because as the eldest flesh, we enter heaven once more, in preparation, to dreams that unfold and missions and commands gifted to us only through heaven.  In the second phase of evolution, we did have to know death in order to enter heaven again.  But as we enter the third phase of evolution (recently in history so many live after death, to bring in heaven like a child again, to teach us, that heaven can be here upon earth) in two in half years, we shall all enter heaven.  All of us, shall be able to read the book of life, in each other. We shall know the inner darkness and what we have hidden for eons of time.  Now it's the Talmud, the blue road, the oral tradition, that shall save us.  For the laws left behind where the five books, Moses gifted to you, to guide you, into the heavenly realms.  Moses is a crystal person. Jesus is a crystal person. And White Buffalo Calf Woman is a crystal person, who reads your  book of life, with truth and sing the songs of heaven, brought home to you.  We must trust our hearts, sing these songs, that come from within, in order that we can teach our children the true and noble songs of heaven, the blue road, promised, in our prayer cloth.  The laws of heaven are always gifted by the celestial crown, that all crystal people around the world carry upon their heads. It is now time, for us to create clans, where crystal persons are giving songs to all of G_ah_d's kingdom.  Law is love, the red road.  Law is song, the blue road.  The intellectual laws left behind are written in the Torah.  In order for you to understand the oral tradition, one must first understand a pure heart.  Then we can unite the blue and the red road, to unite a dream, brotherhood, the golden path. You the Suns of Jacob are the eastern shore chosen to lead the people back to their song and joy of heaven back into their lives, with the laws of love and song, the purification rituals we belong, let us ring out to bring in the world again, evolution come take my hand and cleanse my heart to begin. For I am the chosen, the wind, the sun of Jacob and daughter to this whim.  I am the law of love and song again!"

Question about the Eastern Shore
Holiness David asks, "What eastern shore of what country?"

Answer about the Eastern Shore
White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "There is one kingdom of G_ah_d, this is the country of heaven, Oneness. The eastern shore lies upon the horizon, where the sun sets, where we enter our darkness, within. In the Oneness of God, there is 70, in the mathematical perfection.  We are all parts of this oneness.  When you cut this oneness (a circle) in half, you find light above and dark below.  Light is earthly and dark is heavenly.  Now, the place, where it's divided, is the horizon. Each day and night, it guides you to where you journey.  This horizon at sunrise gives us the walk, the red road.  This horizon at sunset gives us the talk (song), the blue road. This is the eastern shore.  At these times, we are awe stricken with the rainbow colors. At these moments we are gathered together, to remember our heaven, blue road and earth, red road, united in one girth (oneness of G_ah_d).  However, it moves quickly and then it's gone. How we bring this heaven home, will be according to the laws left behind, already written in the Torah and when the true oral tradition begins again, we shall unite the peoples of the world, ordained on the eastern shore. 

If we look at a circle and fold it in half, the horizon is known.  We open the circle and find earth above light and darkness below our heaven.  At the eastern shore (reflection western sunset), the truth inside the darkness of heaven (left side), we of the Suns of Jacob are of the greatest light (northeastern, darkness not light or reflection).  Here on the eastern shore, we travel counterclockwise and teach all other lights (rainbow clan) how to enter heaven.  This can only be done, with the song of heaven.  These songs, open portal doors into heavenly realms.  You are chosen, to know this song.  When we trust the Talmud, we throw away our inner song.  When we trust our hearts, that we purify each day in prayers and rituals of fire and water, we find our way with oral traditions that live in our hearts, eternally.  We rely on the laws according to Moses, the 10 commandments, left behind (red road, intelligence). Let us remember, what lies upon our hearts (blue road), because in a few short years, we shall all know, the truth of your blue road, the soul, you have been hiding within, for eons. Now it's time for the blue road, to heaven to return. All shall be able to read you darkness, the heavenly soul within. It is the eastern shore ordained to bring heaven home upon this earth.  You will have to join with the western shore ordained, in order to pull this through.  Trust your heart. Trust the Torah. Trust love, is law upon the world of heaven and earth.  Here we fold, the darkness comes alive, within our light of earth (rainbow colors, house of the four winds). Prepare and lead the people, can only be done, when the song of heaven, is flowing from our hearts.  Cleanse and purify, to know love and use love.  This is the blue road of heaven, the ordained at the eastern shore, the Suns of Jacob and daughters imbued.

We have too many lost, because of persecution and name changes.  You cannot become the Sun of Jacob, you must be born into this honor, ordained on the eastern shore.  Those who remember the heart, will bring back the Suns.  Law of love, is the one who forgives and learns and teaches how to behave correctly.  The only army in the entire world (light, red road, law of love, physical embrace), that has a law, against morality issues of commanding officers is in Germany.  You left a living legacy of moral conduct.  It was a high cost, but true love, suffers for the ones we love, the entire oneness of G_ad_d depends on you leading them home on the blue road, the song of heaven, that can bring joy to us all, the Rainbow Clan, once again! (tears come from my heart to yours)."

The laws of heaven (the blue road) come to reign, heaven commands, the Oneness of G_ah_d's clan, the beloved children, in their hands sing from your heart and know joy, the vehicle to eliminate all your sins! Bless and be well, for we are on a mission, to swell, the heartbeat, that needs, some comfort in the breeze, the four winds of time, come on in, let's shine, alightfromwithin!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

How to Make Rosh Hashanah Cards 

With Young Children and Pressed Flowers

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah
 with a New Year greeting card.
L 'Shana Tovah (a good year)

Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year for 10 days in the fall, beginning with Rosh Hashanah. From 2010 to 2015, the dates range from early to late September. Those who observe Rosh Hashanah believe people are judged and entered into the Book of Life for another year at this time. Traditionally, people send each other greeting cards to celebrate the new year, often with the inscription "L'Shana Tovah" (a good year). Creating a Jewish New Year's card can be fun for children, and a handmade craft makes a distinctive gift. Allow two weeks for the preparation for these cards.


Things You'll Need:

  • Waxed paper
  • 8.5-by-11-inch paper (one sheet makes two cards)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Glue
  • Flowers and leaves
  • Heavy books

  1. 1
    Collect some interesting wildflowers and leaves outside, which can be an enjoyable and educational adventure for young children. Do this two weeks before you intend to make the greeting cards. Place the flowers and leaves between sheets of waxed paper.

  2. 2
    Lay several heavy books on top of the waxed paper and allow the flowers and leaves to press for two weeks.

  3. 3
    Hold the 8.5-by-11-inch paper vertically, and fold it top to bottom. Cut along the fold line to produce separate sheets for two cards.

  4. 4
    Fold one of the two sheets in half. Open the folded paper and lay it flat on a table.

  5. 5
    Help your child arrange the leaves and flowers in a pleasing way on the card before gluing them down.

  6. 6
    Allow the child to glue the flowers and leaves to one half of the paper. Cover the flowers and leaves with clear contact paper and trim the excess. This forms the cover of the card. Open the card, and write "L'Shana Tovah" or another greeting of your choice. Repeat this process for the other card.  Thank you http://www.ehow.com/how_6338849_make-hashanah-cards-young-children.html

New Year Greeting
Let us be little children too, the house of the Beloved children of G_ah_d (Jews and Gentiles).  The blossoms of our lives, bring in four winds, that abound, here the soul does hide in dark, to shine, alightfromwithin, the golden heart!

It's a heart that always knows, how we live and how we grow.  When we pray to G_ah_d above, all the sky does know of love.  When we pray to G_ah_d below, all the ground does know the flow.  Now it's time to unite our hearts, to the flesh, that seems so stout.  We are here to unite our hearts, to the lost and lasting waves. It's time to lean on love this day.  It's time to lead a holy day.  It's time to create an army of G_ah_d, the kind that stands for love is law.  The House of the Beloved Children know, that love is the only way to go.  And it's written in all the books, holy few, have a niche.  Because you know it's blessings that save the day. Because we know that glory will know the way.  And because it's time to go on home.  The place G_ah_d promised, the Rainbow Clan.  

I bring pass over to you, my heart does long to be bleu (freedom), the heart of always comes true, when faith is written on you. But so many, they don't really, think that G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission) will bring, the heart that rings.  And we are satisfied, to long for better skies, rather than trusting all the ones who came before us.  It's time of prophecy, the living of all the devoted seas (blue tzitzit), and what could bring us home, we don't look at this loom (weaving of light and dark).  It's a covering, the prayer cloth that helps us discover, that we are housing a truth, and it's called our soul.  There is wisdom if we trust our heart's breath, the sanctity of loving all that is truth.  But who can you depend on, when so many think they know lawns (green grass the home of paradise) and you don't know which way to turn?  There's only one place, that speaks volumes, it's the prayer you turn to, that leads you true.  Look at your heart inside, not at your pride outside, but bring the soul, that knows, the way to go.  And when we follow you and me, and gift all, to the leaves (tree of life, our relatives who we share life with), then we know where we must go, on it's course of time.  Let's not be blind any more, but instead let's find vision of a stare, where our hearts show us the way, with good old fashion love in the air.  And it's where we need find, the song that leads us this time, to unite our hearts, to fight for broken hearts.  There is wind in the clouds.  There is flowing of the blood, but there is not wisdom that grows, with all the lies.  Instead, let's hold each others hands, and feed all who do command, the soul of wisdom, the soul of pride (faith and humbleness), that offers us the ride.  It's heaven inside. It's the grains of delight (abundance for all).  It's where G_ad_d promises us paradise.  Give your embrace to the world.  Feed the homeless and the full.  Open your hearts and give it all away.  Brotherhood comes with a price, and we'd better think twice, because only love will allow us to survive.  We are a hide (holy temple which resides a soul), the Rainbow Tribe.

The laws of heaven (the blue road) come to reign, heaven commands, the Oneness of G_ah_d's clan, the beloved children, in their hands sing from your heart and know joy, the vehicle to eliminate all your sins! Bless and be well, for we are on a mission, to swell, the heartbeat, that needs, some comfort in the breeze, the four winds of time, come on in, let's shine, alightfromwithin!
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Sing Prayer Before the Meeting to Unite Hearts, to Resolve Conflicts!

2011-2012 / 5772 - 5773

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year
1 Tishrei 5772
September 28-30, 2011

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
10 Tishrei 5772
October 7-8, 2011

Sukkot - Feast of Tabernacles
15 Tishrei 5772
October 12-19, 2011

Simchat Torah - Rejoice with Torah
23 Tishrei 5772
October 20-October 21, 2011

Chanukah - Festival of Lights
25 Kislev 5772
December 20-28, 2011

Tu B'Shevat - New Year of Trees
15 Shevat 5772
February 8, 2012

Purim - Feast of Ester
14 Adar 5772
March 7-8, 2012

Pesach – The Passover
15 Nisan 5772
April 6-14, 2012

Shavuot - The Giving of the Torah
6 Sivan 5772
May 26-28, 2012

Tisha B'Av - Fast for Destruction and Renewal
9 Av 5772
July 28-29, 2012
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