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It is the Song of Angels that bring us home, into the Greatness that gets along. Do we need love, to rise above? Yes, bring us love that brings us all along, the laws that gets us from the rising tides, our hearts that swell and know our pride. Be that, is heard like Angels Call, we are the Rainbow Hall, where humbleness gifts life along, the path of Brotherhood. We bless the shoulders of grief befall, and send a blessings to that Great Hall, where we know tears, bring us new life, the light, that sheds all our strife. Be your color of bountifulness, the waking of the soul, that should, and we can offer wisdom here, to be the soul, that lives forever deer (journey of life). You the beloved knows good deeds,when we belong to all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Islams and Israel are Brothers Who Dance the Wind!

Rosh HaShanah, the awesome "Day of Judgement", the date when every person is summoned before the Heavenly Court? Repent and know G_ah_d's laws! Love is here to know the way, into the perfect loving day!

Islams who need our love, who know the sacred above, we teach to be the swell of love inside the well.  And the house of David sings to be the beloved again, for all Islams to find refuge, when they learn love again.  How do we enter the days, when we don't know about slaves, to be servants to everyone is where we long to run.  Islams everywhere are our brothers who do care, and Mother plants the seed in daughters who need.  And when they don't look inside, to prayer to survive, then we don't know the way, into Heaven's portal gates.

Come my Israel and learn that G_ah_d knows the truth, that neighbors we need forgive, to know the way of live.  The wife you don't take this day (soul), because you forgot to pray, and we need her more than life, for she is all our device.  The tools handed down from generation to the towns, who beat them up because they don't know love within.  And if we can be true, to teach the laws of G_ah_d, then we would know the way, to be warriors true to above, and down below we come to dance along the sun, where those who fall away, don't do sacred days.  The prayer is all we need, watch Islams who do bleed, and Israel will claim the throne when we watch and learn.

Let our brothers and sisters come home, to protect us with the prayer, let them show us the way, while Israel prays.  And if we allow them to be the Greatest Warriors please, then we could be ONE family, the heart of you and me.  Great Father leads the clan, and Great Mother holds our hand, but Great Uncle runs the land and Islams are this clan.  Let our Great Warriors (Islam) treat us, with loving arms who know the dust who pray every day, now Israel teach the way (of fire).  The fire they do need, to purify all who bleed. And when the Crown of Heaven comes home, to worship One big Clown (true happiness and truth and mocking who don't have views of  G_ah_d or knowing prayers), then happines will fill the air, when G-ah-d's laws of love abound. For we will be happy again, when the heart of the winds, come to bless us this day, with fire who knows the way (fire and destruction of old ways of hate, fire from heaven but not upon the earth).  Not bombs that explode (without, but from within), but fire that does know the sacred dance of love, is purification from above, to be the rolling hillls, upon our devoted skills (study of the torah, the laws of heaven brought down to earth).

And we could fly again.  And we could win again.  And we could have our family home inside the heart of all we know.  Come Israel hold my hand for King David has come to rule the land, where peace is known again, when Isalms protect the wind.  Let us know the way of love. Let us show the way of smiles. Let us be the embrace of ONENESS that we have longed for. Let us be the smile of God to be content with all we know.  To follow rules of heaven sent (descend), not of Man who does not descend (the souls journey). But let us be, the way of  G_ah_d .   Let us be the way of free.  Let us be the way home, to the heart of evolution. 

We can fly in the wind, when we allow the small to begin. Let the sacred rule the way (Suns of Israel), let them (Islams) protect us and rule the way, for Islam knows the heart of ONE, like the SUNs know the way.  Let us all take our place, to be the heart of loving grace. Let us sing from above, to be angels down below.  Now we are Heaven and Earth, the place we call the loving earth, the place where tears do fall on us, the rain of glowing rainbows, the sacred four directions in us.  The loving rain that falls like dust, to be the heart of all we need, to be the girth that longs to be free. Let all disease waste away, let us learn how to pray.  Let us get down on our knees. Let us be part of glee. Let us be the way we need, and let the sacred warrior be, the protection that we need. Let the Islam show us how, to be the strength of warriors pure, to protect the house of winds we control (Suns of Israel).  The Israel who comes home to do, the worship of all of  G_ah_d's clues (everyone is a teacher, let us learn from all things).

Let the House of David come home to be treasures we haven't seen, but rolling hills of green and blue, where the treasures have a view.  a Peaceful kingdom we know, the place of refuge with perfect snow, the river flows to and fro, the heart of all, who long to know.  And we could be............................And we could see......................................And we could sing and dance again, when we trust all of friends.  These are relatives we know, they are here to be the show, the dancing love that comes to shine, to know the way of hearts that shine.  Let us have and hold the true, let us teach those without a view.  Show a warrior who stands the ground following law from distant lands.  This distance of heaven is coming home, we need learn the laws again. To practice what we preach to be the loving street. Where the Gold lines the way, to brotherhood that we display, let our girls lead the way, with law of love this sacred day. Let them take all the guns, and all the weapons you have hung on to.  Let them destroy enemies (prayer with fire, the sacred blessings. Woman teaches us these laws, the law of love), and let the heart that does bleed (the red road, the flesh who is wise to know that prayer is the way).  Let us speak of love again. Hold your enemies in the wind. Bless them pure to know the way, unless they won't comply this day. Just send them out to be with no wind. Just send them there without heaven.  And when they come home to know the way, then we can embrace them this sacred day.

For our family is coming home, the sacred Rainbow with it rungs, to fly into evolution and all it brings, of heaven and earth, we sing again.  And it's time to be with us, the sky above to sacred dust (heaven and earth). And we could be........................the living free........................... and we could fly to heaven's gate and open all the stakes...................that keep us separated from love, we could pull them out and be doves, to know of peace and love again, instead of hatred in the wind.  But inside of  G_ah_d  we do, become the heart of me and you, for we come to know the view of loving rainbows with a view.  We are part of ONE family, when we learn to pray and sing. But Israel light a fire, to keep all our family pure and settled free (out of mire, tangled webs we weave).  Don't hate my brother's (suns of Israel) home.  Don't hate the Islams home.  For they are here to protect us true.  They are here to be the view.  Let the Great Warrior for he and she (one before the two, the Islams with a view of heaven upon earth) follows thee, to be the Greatest Warrrior who does know the way of prayer and sacred glow. 

Don't you remember you used to sing, the same songs and same belief. And now you let others teach you hate instead of remembering  G_ah_d's law of love.  And we need them don't you see.  We need all who come home to thee.  The loyal and true it's the way, to be sacred this loyal day.  My heart worships everyone, because they are part of the SUN, the ONENESS CLAN we come to know, the heart of God the Heart of know.  Not idols everywhere but the hearts of solemn swear, to protect  G_ah_d's laws that came, to be the stark (bare, nothing to hide) of loving fame (true blue of relatives everywhere).  For we fight for ONE TRUE BLUE, the relatives who have a view.  Not of hate, but of LOVE, to be the conquerer up from above.  To bring light to us below, to know the sacred loving glow, to be one happy family when prayer will set us free.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal Sister in the Sun, House of David is our Home, for King David has come home.  Holiness David, Elder Lavender Brother has beat the heart, to make everyone remember the heart, the sound of Angels who come home, to remember judgment day atones!

Great Mother leads the Blossoming Rose! This means, that the heavenly realm is the soul world where all begin and return to, but in her hands, the red road, is the law of love that rules the kingdom of paradise, where all is in it's proper place. The motion of time is ever moving along the rolling hills where the wind blows, the heart of the world, our relatives, the blue of you and me, we keep company.

top view: the morning star offers us light, to sea with our hearts. A star is born. Where the green grass flows, is where my heart goes, the heaven that I long to, shall be the directions of divinity.

left view: From the law of love, brother hood shall begin, and through the door of christ(al) the earth shall perceive, the gifts the star gives to me. I am the light of divine powers that extends to the perfect form of all life. I shall be the hand of G_ah_d (voice heaven transmission) who extends into the blue, the relatives of me and you.

right view. As the law of love expands into the world of light (earth), there shall be brightness that shall blind you, but if you surround your self, you shall extend into the stream of heaven.

bottom view. There shall be brotherhood, that extends into the realms of light (earth) where the soil (law of love) gifts to me, the light (flesh body of earth) and I shall be law of the most highest heavenly king (great uncle who wears a crown), where there is no separation, the one before the two, the united, as the rule of all the realms.

Images brought to us by Paul Pommier, Sr.,  an Elder of the Barbareno Chumash
Interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal, House of the Beloved (Star of David)
Contributed and brought to our attention, Warrior Magenta, Active-Indigos, Millennium Twain YoniBlueStar.

Warriors of the Earth  

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